About Emma

Hi! I’m Emma, owner of EMCO Cosmetic Tattooing. I specialise in MicrobladingLash Enhancement and Skin Rejuvenation. I am experienced, professional, and passionate about my work.

My love of cosmetic tattooing is the result of a long-standing passion for beauty and make-up. I enjoy my work immensely and as a self-confessed perfectionist I have a great eye for detail. I trained in Melbourne under Andrea Darby, a renowned master trainer in cosmetic tattooing. I now operate out of a dedicated space in St Lukes, Auckland.

Helping my clients feel good about themselves is my top priority. I pride myself on treating my clients with respect, ensuring their needs are met, and providing them with the necessary care and information before, during, and after treatment.

Every client is unique, so each treatment begins with a consultation where together we can establish the perfect colour and shape of your permanent makeup with the end goal of enhancing your natural beauty.

Please feel free to contact me for further information, and make sure you pop to the Treatments and FAQ areas of this site or contact me to find out more about what EMCO can do for you. I look forward to seeing you soon!